A Happier & Healthier New Year!



The start of the New Year is a great time to press the reset button and a chance to start over in every aspect of your life: Spiritually, mentally, physically, your dedication to your family, friends, and the church. Use the reset button wisely. 


It is often easier to talk about the things we want to change than it is to act upon them. However, this is the perfect time to have the inspiration and reminder to take better care of our spiritual wellbeing. For the New Year, will you actively seek God in every aspect of life? Or will you simply go through the motions? Will you make time to read your bible and pray daily? Or will you be too busy or rushed in the morning and too tired in the evening, while the Bible collects dust on the nightstand? Maybe this is the year you will get involved in more church activities. For example, attending Wednesday night bible study, prayer meetings, Sunday school, or morning service. It could also be the time to take part of one of the church ministries.  Many of us struggle with living an active spiritual life. It is not uncommon to put our spiritual lives on the back burner due to our busy work schedule, school, family demands, and so on. Most of us want to relax on the couch in front of the television instead of reading the bible. It is easy to spend hours on social media, YouTube, and the Internet but for some reason, it is difficult to spend 10 to 15 minutes in prayer.  The goal for this year is to assess and evaluate if our spiritual lives are seriously out of shape. 


We cannot forget the inspiration or the goal to take better care of our bodies in the New Year. To come up with wellness goals, it is important to acknowledge where you are currently in terms of your health and fitness level. It is essential to establish a “SMART” goal for the New Year.  A SMART goal stands for (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. For example, if you are currently not exercising, it is not realistic to expect that you will commit to exercising for one or two hours per day. I encourage everyone to create goals that they can definitely accomplish. Consistency is the key to accomplish any fitness/wellness goals. To learn more about specific ways to lose weight or about healthy foods, please refer to my previous articles. 


Make this year the happiest & healthiest New Year ever!