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The Men Association at Haitian Bethany Baptist Church mission is to empower, grow as disciples, and encourage men to their full potential in God and to use their gifts in advancing God’s kingdom. The Men Association is divided into different ministries in order to provide opportunities to reach, serve and impact our community. 


 This ministry is designed to keep members of the Association involved in prayer for one another.

  1. Lead the Association in matters related to prayer.
  2. Identify where there are needs for prayer.
  3. Hold a list of prayer requests from the members of the Association.
  4. Visit and hold prayer meetings for members going through trials.
  5. Give full support and collaboration to other ministries of the Association.



 This ministry is designed to keep members of the Association connected.

  1. Keep an updated list of the members of the Association with their addresses, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and all other important dates.
  2. Get in touch with repeated absentees to find out the motives of their no- show.
  3. Support all other ministries within the Association.



 The ministry is intended to coordinate all major events of the Association.

  1. Collaborate with the other ministries in the “format” for all regular assemblies of the Association.
  2. Incorporate every ministry in the execution of the program.
  3. Plan in collaboration with other ministries’ major events of the Association for every calendar year.
  4. Avoid collision of events within the Association and between church events.



 This ministry is designed to encourage the members of the Association to individually and collectively witness to the lost while sharing their personal testimonies to the non-Christian men.

  1. Develop a strategy that should challenge every member of the Association to share their faith.
  2. Organize activities geared toward reaching out to the lost people.
  3. Implement methods of “friendship evangelism” while inviting unsaved men to attend major events of the Association.
  4. Support and help the church in carry out its mission to reach the world for Christ.
  5. Work in collaboration with all other ministries within the Association.



The ministry is designed to take care of anything related to food serving, food cooking, and food distribution.

  1. Help providing food for the Association in any activities where food is to be served.
  2. Team-up with the church’s fellowship ministry to provide food for all major events.
  3. Team-up to do grocery, to cook, to serve, and to clean in any event where food is to be served.
  4. Team up with the church’s pantry ministry to distribute food to the poor and the needy.