The Multimedia at Haitian Bethany Baptist church exists to ensure the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, our praises and songs to Him are seen and heard during the worship services. This ministry covers all local church needs that have to do with audio and visual technology, and  consists of four main areas: Video, Audio Productions, Sound and Website.


  • The Video team is responsible for providing lyrics, verses, announcements, video clips and PowerPoint presentations during worship services.

  • Audio Productions  is responsible  for  Recording and distributing  audio and video during regular church services and special events. 

  • The sound team aids the congregation by ensuring balanced and quality sound.

  • The Website team is responsible for maintaining the church website, facebook, twitter, vimeo, youtube, instagram and more.




Director of Multimedia

Brother Frantz Previlon is a man of God. After joining HBBC with his wife Martha in February 2006, He quickly became involved by serving as Director of Multimedia and has made tremendous contribution to the worship service. Brother Previlon has two children Sarah and McFrantz and holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from NJIT.